Frequently Asked Questions


  • How many photos do I receive?

It depends on how many photos are taken during the session. Typically, for portrait/family sessions I deliver anywhere from 15-35 edited photos. For events or weddings it is more. Either way I don't necessarily cap myself at a certain limit. I will deliver all photos I think are great.

  • May I have the original files?

No. Unfortunately, I do not deliver original files to my clients. The images are edited with my unique style and it is the way I'd like my photographs to be displayed across all mediums.

  • When will I receive my photos after the session?

You can expect the photos to be delivered within 1-2 weeks depending on the type of session. (Portraits and blogger sessions are generally faster than family, wedding, or event sessions due to more editing).

  • How do you deliver the files?

You can view the photos from your session in a personal online gallery from which you can download the files at original resolution onto your computer. I find this is the best method for my clients and myself. The link to the online gallery is sent via email.

  • Can the session be at more than one location?

Yes, I can accommodate more than one location. However, travel fees may apply. 

  • Do you print as well?

No. I do not offer printing services but I can recommend professional printing services I've personally used. However, should you intend to print the photos from our session, I ask that you let me know ahead of time so that I may deliver the files in the proper resolution.

  • What if I have a particular budget but am still interested booking a session?

If you are really interested in booking a session with me but have a budget you're working with, please don't hesitate to fill out the contact form with your inquiry. I ask that you submit as many details as possible (including your budget) as this will help me decide if I can accommodate you. This is based on a case by case scenario - please be mindful of my rates and understand a lot of work goes into making the photographs and editing.

  • Can the photos we take be used for a brand promotion?

No. The photographs delivered to you are intended solely for personal use. This includes social media, personal website/blog, email, etc. Should you need the photos for commercial use, there is to be a separate negotiation.

  • Is there a deposit to book a session?

Yes. I charge a deposit of 30% of total fee in advance. This secures your session date. If you cancel your session within 24 hours of the scheduled date and time, the deposit is non-refundable. A 72 hour notice is the minimum time frame for cancellation where the deposit is 100% refundable. Should there be any cancellations due to an emergency the deposit will be 100% refunded as well. Deposit is deducted from total fee.

  • Will I receive an invoice for the session?

Yes. Once the date, location, and details are set for the session I create an estimate with that information and all fees associated with the shoot. Estimate is sent via email. Upon delivery of the estimate, the 30% deposit becomes due. Once deposit is paid, I send a final invoice with remaining balance due the date of the session. (Invoices may also be paid in advance).


If you have any more questions you may submit them via the contact page.