Banana Bread Recipe

So I made this banana bread for the first time last week and several people reached out to me asking for the recipe. Let me just say that although I was flattered, I don't measure anything (I'm Dominican, we don't measure when we cook) and my inspo came from an online recipe I googled. I then added my own twist with other ingredients I felt would make it even more bomb (and healthy). So here's my attempt at pleasing y'all with a list of ingredients and a rough estimate of the amount I used of each. FYI my banana bread came out amazingggg! I do not guarantee the same for everyone, lolz, but if yours does come out great please tag me (@melzlookwellz) and also share some or something, you know. ; )



  • wheat flour (~ 1 3/4 cups)
  • wheat bran (~ 1/2 cup)
  • 2-3 (very ripe) bananas
  • walnuts
  • vanilla extract
  • flax seeds
  • cinnamon powder
  • coconut oil
  • honey
  • nutmeg
  • chia seeds
  • baking soda
  • baking powder
  • almond milk
  • 3 eggs
  • salt

What you'll need:

  • large mixing bowl
  • small bowl
  • whisk
  • fork
  • large spoon
  • some kind of meat tenderizer or mallet...
  • loaf pan

What I did:

First off, preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm not responsible if y'all burn down your kitchen.

In your large mixing bowl add one large spoonful of coconut oil (I use this one) and some honey. The photos demonstrate about how much I use of each. I measure with my eye and my taste buds. Whisk the coconut oil and honey together. Next, add two egg whites (because, protein) and one whole egg (because, you still need some fat) into the bowl and beat well.

Let that sit aside. In your small bowl add two of your three bananas. Make sure they are very ripe, like black spots and allllll that. The ugliest banana you've ever seen, okay? Then add some unsweetened almond milk and mash the bananas. You can use a fork for this. 

Sidenote: The first time I baked this I actually blended the two bananas and the almond milk. Both ways are okay, I personally liked mashing it because it resulted in a more moist bread...but my first one was perfectly moist too. Just depends on what you're going for.

Moving on, add the mashed bananas and milk to the large bowl and whisk it into the mix. Now add a little baking powder and a little baking soda - FYI you can use only baking soda if you want; I saw a recipe that said only baking soda and one that said use both. Do you boo boo. I then added a splash of vanilla extract and hella cinnamon. Also add a pinch of salt. Whisk it all together.

Okay, so now put the whisk down and grab a large spoon for this next step. Pour in some wheat flour (I found this one at my local Key Food) into the large bowl and fold it into the mix with the spoon. Then add some wheat bran, flax seeds, chia seeds and continue to gently fold into the mix. Add as much of these ingredients as you like.

So remember that third banana? Slice it up and also add to the mix. Using the spoon just keep folding the sliced banana in. You can very lightly mash it while you mix it in, I do this step so that larger banana chunks bake into the bread for that gooey texture.

Now grab some nutmeg and sprinkle some into the bowl. Once thats all good and mixed, grab a small strip of wax paper and add about 6-8 walnuts on it. You'll need a meat tenderizer or mallet for this next step. You're gonna crush those walnuts into smaller pieces. I said 6-8 walnuts but you can really add as much as you want. Fold that into the mix and now your batter is complete!!

Yay! Now to the baking part. Y'all preheated the oven right? Okay, so now pour your batter into your loaf pan. I recommend you fill it about 3/4 of the way. If y'all never baked before, this is because the bread needs space to rise.

I sprinkle some more cinnamon on top and then add more walnuts but not as crushed as before. Only because I want bigger pieces that will bake into the top of the loaf.

Bake the bread for 55-60 minutes. Don't forget to check on it though, every oven is different! I check mine at about 30 and then 50 minutes. At the 50 minute mark I use a knife to slide in the loaf and check if its fully cooked inside. Y'all can use a toothpick like you're supposed to, I'm just regular-degular. Ideally you'll want the knife to come back clean, but because it's a moist bread, it should be a little sticky. Use your judgment. For the last 10 minutes I cover the bread with aluminum foil to avoid over browning it on the top. Then let it bake for the last 10 minutes.

Now go get a pretty plate and cut yourself a slice, then snap a pretty pic and tag me! (@melzlookwellz on IG).