Let's talk about skincare, again.

 This is my face with no foundation. Just filled brows, mascara & light blush.

This is my face with no foundation. Just filled brows, mascara & light blush.

It's no secret that everyone has been into skincare lately. Finding products that work for you, however, is a trial and error. Similar to finding the right curly cocktail for your hair. Up until a year ago I didn't have a skincare regimen that was even half decent. I'd wash my face but didn't moisturize every time, or use toner consistently. I would just remove my make-up with makeup wipes and simply wash my face to remove the residue from the wipes. But all that changed a little over a year ago when I realized I would rarely ever go a full day without make-up. Granted my make-up was fairly light compared to the layers upon layers of stuff I see on IG (no hate). But it still wasn't doing any good to wear it so often and then not properly take care of my skin.

This past year I have been working from home more and spend my days bare face more than ever. So I decided to get into my skin because, aging. I am trying to look 30 when I'm 40, okay?

Recently on Instagram I spoke about the products I've been using on my face and more so HOW I use them. Which is what my intention is in sharing this. I'm no expert, and I definitely recommend you take everything I say at face value and go through your own trial and error with products. What works for me won't always work for you.

That being said these are some of the skincare products I use:


Let's talk about this one. As I mentioned I was the girl that raved about make up wipes. But I got tired of the sticky residue most of them left on my face (and I tried many different brands over the years). Also, I've just been trying to add more natural/organic products into my life. Coconut oil is EVERYTHING. Believe the hype on this one. It removes my whole face. I just take some in my hand (a bit goes a long way!) and rub it all over my face and even on my lashes to remove mascara. After that I just grab a cotton pad and wipe it all off. Easy peasy. When I travel anywhere I bring my individual packs along with my cotton pads. I get both at Trader Joe's.

This is a new product I began using after my boyfriend raved about African black soap. By the way I put him on to skincare and his skin is looking more flawless than mine let me tell you. Anyway, I use this to cleanse my face after the make-up removal. Just do not get the lather in your eye or you will die. Ok, I lied. But it will feel like you will. Lol.


Yes, honey. I got mine from Amazon. It smells delicious. I know people are skeptical about honey because they think it'll just be this sticky mess. But trust me, it's not bad at all. I just grab a bit on the tips of my fingers and make sure my face is wet before applying it. This is key. Rubbing honey on your dry face will feel weird and definitely sticky. But once water is involved it just thins out the consistency of the honey. This allows you to spread it easily around your entire face. I use honey especially when I get small breakouts. Honey is known for being naturally antibacterial which help with acne/breakouts, and for its antioxidants which help repair skin. I use it as a wash, but sometimes I just let it sit for a few minutes and then wash off.


I love the way this scrub leaves my skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. It's very smooth despite having little beads in it. I use this especially after wearing make up because you want to get rid of any dirt clogging your pores.


Everywhere you look people are taking this as a shot, putting it in their hair, drinking it as detox. I used to do all of this, minus the shot. I can't even. But what I do is I keep a tiny little mason jar with a screw-on lid with a 1:3 part of ACV and water. I've used regular store brand toners before, too. I've been using this mix for a few weeks now and no issues here. No, it does not leave a stench after. Especially since its diluted in water.


Ok so I actually went on my IG story to ask for recommendations for a new moisturizer because I wasn't crazy about this one. I'm only sharing because it may work for y'all. But I just didn't like the thickness of it and it didn't leave my skin feeling hydrated as much as I'd like it too. Since last week I have been using the Cetaphil Daily Facial moisturizer with SPF 15. I got it at target for like $12 and it has been very nice on my skin. At first application it looks a tiny bit oily, so I was skeptical about keeping it but it does not stay on oily. It absorbs really well and I have noticed my face has been hella smooth lately!


This is a step in skin-care I added a few months ago because like I said, I want to slay at 40.  I love this cream, I wear it before bed every night. It hydrates my under eye area especially after a day of make-up with concealer and setting powder! I have also used a sample size of the Skyn Iceland icelandic relief eye cream and it's just as good.


I've always seen people rave about this product. As they should because it is amazing! That's all I have to say. It comes in powder form and you just add water. But I use water and ACV. I leave it on till it dries and then rinse off with warm water. It does leave your skin a little red after, which they advise on their packaging. However, it goes away in minutes. I use this mask about once a week. I sometimes make my own DIY mask from turmeric, honey, lemon, and water. Good for breakouts plus balance and brighten skin.


I do these steps every day in the order I shared it in. Consistency is key of course. And I obviously skip the coconut oil on days I have no make-up on. Aside from a good moisturizer I also used to have a good serum or oil for extra hydration - especially for overnight. The one I had ran out so I'm on the lookout for other ones. To be honest I've done so much research on essential oils that in December I almost bought a bunch from amazon just to make my own DIY serum. I think I might revisit that because I love that you can combine different oils to create a match for the specific problem area you want to target. Otherwise, I've had my eye on @farah.pink Forever Flawless Beauty Oil. Lastly, rose water is amazing to just spray on your face for added hydration (especially after a workout). I got mine at a shop called Flower Power in the village. But you can find one easily on amazon or target.

I want to add that I also eat healthy and drink tons of water. H2O does amazing things for your skin! I try to get as close as possible to a gallon a day.

I hope this is helpful!